Finanz- und Rechnungswesen

Finance and accounting

We offer you:

  • the current accounting
  • the VAT returns
  • the EU reports
  • the messages to Statistics Austria
  • the payroll accounting
  • the reports to health insurance fund, municipality and finance office
  • the annual financial statements
  • the reports to the commercial register court


Tax consulting

We help you:

  • to assess tax issues
  • in the determination of tax options
  • in implementing tax-optimal strategies
  • in the preparation of tax returns
  • in labor and social matters

We represent you:

  • in front of the tax authority
  • in social security matters in front of the public employment service
  • during company audits
  • during wage audits
  • in financial criminal proceedings
  • in front of the higher administrative court


Business consulting

We help you:

  • in foundation of an enterprise
  • in merger and acquisition
  • in the choice of legal form
  • in questions of company law
  • in Corporate Restructuring Taxes Act
  • in the preparation of calculations and analyzes in financing matters

We represent you:

  • in front of the trade authority
  • in negotiations with banking institutions
  • in purchase negotiations



We do for you:

  • the legally required audit
  • the audit of the formation
  • the audit of a division
  • the audit of a merger
  • the audit of a change of corporate form
  • special audits
  • Quality assurance tests according to APAG



We do for you:

  • Private appraisals in civil and criminal proceedings
  • Court reports in civil and criminal proceedings
  • evaluation of a company
  • Company share rating
  • Other reports on all areas of accounting